OSS stands for Operation and Support System in the Telephony world. It is essentially a bloated management system that allows control of PSTN and Mobile Switching Centers.

OS/2 = O = OSU


Written-only acronym for "Open Source Software" (see open source). This is a rather ugly TLA, and the principals in the open-source movement don't use it, but it has (perhaps inevitably) spread through the trade press like kudzu.

--The Jargon File version 4.3.1, ed. ESR, autonoded by rescdsk.

While everyone pointed out that OSS stands for open source software, I'd like to point out that it can also stand for Open Sound System and is often used interchangably with OSS/Free, which is at writing the most common sound driver system for GNU/Linux distributions. The kernel for linux includes many OSS/Free sound drivers (open source ofcourse!), including support for Sound Blaster, Crystal, Ensoniq, Turtle Beach and more. These drivers may be included directly into the kernel or compiled as modules. When compiled as modules, you may run lsmod (normally located in /sbin) and see the drivers as:

Module                 Size    Used by
... cut unrelated modules ...
cs46xx                54992    2 (autoclean)
soundcore              4464    3 (autoclean) [cs46xx]

soundcore is the base driver for all OSS/Free drivers and cs46xx is the driver for my particular card (a Crystal based sound card). Note how cs46xx driver is on the same line as soundcore, which portrays that the cs46xx is dependant on the soundcore driver.

Other linux sound driver systems include the commercial OSS/Linux available through 4Front, and the new and hopefully future in linux audio, ALSA, which supports more than the basic set of features supported by OSS/Free, including full-duplex audio and advanced MIDI control.

University entrance exam in Turkey.
88 questions in social sciences and 88 questions on math and natural sciences.
On social sciences:
44 on Turkish Literature
19 on Histrory
15 on Geography
10 on Phylosphy

On Maths and Natural Sciences:

44 on Maths
19 on Physics
15 on Chemistry
14 on Biology

The exam is a very challanging exam. There is 1 or 2 or none student every year that gives right answers to all the questions.

Personal experience: In 1999, I got the exam. In that year, nearly 1,5 million student got the exam.
My result was:
1 mistake in math, 1 mistake in chemistry, 1 mistake in turlish literature and 1 in geography. I've been 302 nd as a result and accepted to Sabanci University in Turkey to study Microelectronics.

Oss (?), v. i. [See Osse, n.]

To prophesy; to presage.

[R. & Obs.]

R. Edgeworth.


© Webster 1913.

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