Love. The constant thorn in the side of anyone with a heart, or those irritating things call "emotions".

To be "in love" seems to be the constant goal of all man kind.

But is it? Is it really all that the hype would have one believe?

In love. That butterflies in the stomach, puppy-dog eyes, twitterpated, you-are-all-I-can-think-about feeling that seems to be attributed to the ultimate goal of life. It is also so very fleeting and temporary. It is also misleading. It is shallow. It is based on hormones and hope. It is over-rated and fleeting. When "In Love" changes, one is no longer in love. The moment has passed, time to move on to the next. Being "In Love" is not a bad thing, but I do not put a whole lot of value in it. Maybe I am just jaded.

Love - loving someone - has so many facets, and so much more depth. To love someone one feels more stable, solid, enduring. Love changes and can still be love. You can love friends, you can love lovers, you can love from a distance, you can love intimately - and even THAT has so many facets (but that will be a different node). Love can withstand difficulties, challenges, changes, adversity, and even when it changes it can grow deeper. Love also has no limits to it's capacity. Love begets more love, and loving more means more love to give, and becomes a growing snowball. It gives and gives, and when it receives back, it has more to give. When there is reciprocation, there is no limits. The more you love, the more you get love back, you are filled with even more to give. The abundance can be limitless - if you can allow yourself to be free and feel.

Why is that so hard to understand?

Loving one does not make loving another less.

author note: random musing

I think I love you.

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