Old Crow Medicine Show is a young country/bluegrass/folk band. They're five pieced and acoustic, and if you listen closely you can hear punk influences. They play early traditional american music - tunes from back porches, travelling shows, dance halls, and memphis blues.

The lead vocalists are Ketch Secor and Willie Watson, Watson plays guitar and Secor plays fiddle and harmonica. Critter Fuqua sometimes joins in on vocals and plays banjo and slide guitar. kevin Hayes plays the guitjo, which is a six-string banjo that is much like a guitar. MorganJahnig plays the doghouse bass.

When my friend told me he was putting on a new country band he was getting into I thought, 'oh God... not some whiney country band...' but I began to listen, and the music was beautiful. I immediately recorded a copy for myself on his tape deck.

Old Crow Medicine Show is a band that people who don't normally like country can enjoy. They're raw, edgy, old, and new. They mix new styles with old ones, creating a whole new sound.

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