Name of the sound system built into the 2000-model iMacs. Designed over three years by Harman/Kardon, the transducers use NdFeB rare-earth magnets, and feature clarity and dynamic range that would give a grand piano a run for its money. Their only problem is, due to their built-in design, stereo separation isn't that great, and at high volumes, their immense power makes the entire iMac to vibrate, making the monitor image look jiggly.

Odyssey is the former name of an American magazine for kids 10-16 that focused on astronomy and space travel. They had excellent and engaging articles, fun projects to try, guides to upcoming events in the night sky, and a chance to hook up with other astronomy minded kids as penpals. I used to read every issue with glee as it arrived in the library.

Odyssey is now called Odyssey: Adventures in Science, and has changed their focus to be a general science magazine for kids. Odyssey is published by Cobblestone Publishing, who publish several other educational magazines, among them Cobblestone, a magazine about History, and Click, a general science magazine for a younger audience. Odyssey: Adventures in Science has an official website at

In early October 2001, the seventh stand-alone expansion set for Magic: The Gathering, Odyssey, was released. It is a set of 350 cards (110 rares, 110 uncommons, 110 commons, and 20 basic lands), with most of them being new, but a few here and there were reprints. The expansion symbol was a crystal ball, on a stand. (For those paying attention, the symbol is the Mirari, which is also a card in the set.) The standard color scheme was used - black for commons, silver for uncommons, and gold for rares. There are, once again, premium foil cards in the occasional booster, with a foil version of each cards in the set.

Two new game mechanincs are introduced in this set. The first, threshold, allows cards to grow in power and ability when there are at least seven cards in the graveyard. The other, flashback, allows a card to be played from in the graveyard itself - it doesn't get placed into your hand, but played with a higher mana cost, then removed from the game. Cards with flashback have a tombstone symbol in front of the card's name.

The set takes place 100 years after the previous set, Apocalypse, in a harsh Dominaria.









Od"ys*sey (?), n. [L. Odyssea, Gr. , fr. Ulysses: cf.F. Odyss'ee.]

An epic poem attributed to Homer, which describes the return of Ulysses to Ithaca after the siege of Troy.


© Webster 1913.

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