One of the coolest things about the Odyssey - and there are many, many cool things about that poem - is the way in which the episodes are structured:

1. Kikones (innocent city is ambushed)
2. Lotus Eaters (temptation, delay)
3. Cyclops (monster)
4. Aeolus (greedy crew delays journey)
5. Laestrygonians (monster)
6. Circe (female temptation)
8. Sirens (female temptation)
9. Scylla (monster)
10. Cattle/Sun (greedy crew delays journey)
11. Charybdis (monster)
12. Calypso (temptation, delay)
13. Phaecia (innocent city is ambushed)

You'll notice that the episodes make a perfect reflection across the Hades episode; Circe and Sirens are both forms of feminine temptation, Scylla and Laestrygonians are both monsters, etc. Also notice the smaller reflections inside of this large one: Scylla and Charybdis are similar monsters in the same way that the Cyclops is similar to the Laestrygonians.

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