Television series (2002 - 2002) airing on the Showtime Cable TV network in the US, and syndicated to various networks in other countries. Set in the near future, it follows the crew of a mission on the Space Shuttle Odyssey after their return to Earth. The crew consists of Commander Chuck Taggart (played by Peter Weller of the RoboCop movies), his son Neil Taggart (Christopher Gorham from Popular and Felicity), pilot Angela Perry, "journalist-in-space" Sarah Forbes, and scientist Kurt Mandel.

The twist is, while on this mission, the crew witnessed the complete destruction of the planet Earth. Doomed to be the last surviving humans, the crew is rescued by an alien who calls himself The Seeker. The alien's planet was similarly destroyed, and he has found dozens of other destroyed planets that had advanced civilizations. The Odyssey crew is the first time he has found any survivors still alive. In order to solve the mystery of what happened to all these doomed planets, the Seeker projects their consciousness back in time almost 5 years, where they try to discover what destroyed Earth, while also trying to correct things that went wrong in their personal lives.

It was cancelled after a single season, and resurrection seems unlikely now that one of the main actors, Christopher Gorham, has a starring role in the UPN series Jake 2.0.

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