One of seven monstrous Gorgonites in the movie Small Soldiers. Ocula is basically a three-legged plucked chicken characterized by it's long neck and eerie giant eyeball.

Some time ago, Burger King offered these in their kids meals and I bought one not even having seen the movie yet because the figure intrigued and amused me. I decided it would be an ideal toy to keep on my desk because of it's shock value. The longer I played with it, though, the more adorable and charming it became (to me, at least). Of course, I always point the eye away from me and pose it so that it's staring at people passing by. When a hemp and bead gay pride bracelet I was wearing started to fall apart, I thought it safer to keep it around Ocula's neck. I soon came to call Ocula my gay spirit guide being that redefining classic gender definitions is something that intrigues me greatly. Who better to represent that unknown than my dear, tripod friend?

A few months ago I sensed that Ocula was lonely, so I paid a ludicrous amount of money on Ebay for another Ocula to keep it company. Nowadays, I come into work to often find them posed in an extended embrace, or a tango, or posing for some dramatic scene they're acting out (trying lines from Toy Story, perhaps?). I can't confirm it, but I suspect they quite enjoy each other's company. After all, no longer are either of them the eyegly deyegling.

The abbreviation for the Ontario College and University Library Association, which is a division of the Ontario Library Association(OLA) which represents college/university librarians on issues of common concern.

Ocula are also an English company, founded in 1997 as a web design company, who have since created a CMS(Content Management System) to allow companies with limited resources to take more control over the look and content of their website.

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