Led by Archer, a leonine hunter, the Gorgonites are the kindhearted, misfit fantasy creature action figures (pause here to breathe if you're reading this aloud) being hunted for destruction by the Commandos in the movie Small Soldiers. The Gorgonites run a desperate game of hide-and-seek in fear of their lives, befriending two human teenagers who aid them in their fight.

The Gorgonite team includes:
Insaniac: a Tasmanian devil-like whirling dervish
Slamfist: a lumbering, slightly dim Neanderthal with a boulder for a hand
Ocula: a three-legged chicken with a long neck and one giant eyeball
Freakenstein: mutant
Punch-It: who is rhino-inspired
and Scratch-It: slingshot-shooting sidekick of Punch-It

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