A Nodeshell Commando Action

(rabbit commando)

Major Maltsby was having a hard time getting his radio to work. He'd never been required to run one before, but after seeing his radioman on fire, melting and screaming for his mother as he died, he was happy for the small luxury of even broken communication.

"Colonel! Colonel, come in! Colonel Drops! Shit!"

Swearing did nothing to fix the radio; banging the circuit box on the table did no good.

Nothing seemed to be doing any good.

Major Maltsby heard the rustle of his tentflap behind him and he turned to see who had entered. It was Colonel Drops, or rather what was leftof Colonel Drops. He could barely manage to look at his longtime friend in his present state, but he had to be strong and give confidence to his broken, dying officer.

"Major! Reports from the front lines, sir!" As he said this, Drops' eyes rolled wildly in their sockets, showing the sickly yellow color quickly becoming prominent in the eyes of everyone.

"Go ahead Colonel, have a seat."

The woundedColonel drew himself up and balanced on the back of the chair; it was only when his position changed that Major Maltsby was able to see how bad the injuries were.

He didn't have a whole leg left on either side; parts of his left arm and right shoulder were missing. And flowing out of every gaping hole...

"Major, it's the most terrifying thing I've ever seen. Our intel really screwed the pooch on this one. I've got soldiers with no heads, I've got soldiers losing limbs and pints all over the damn battlefield, and I have nothing to show for it. We're being completely wiped out and Major..."

The Major observed his Colonel break down into racking sobs that looked as if they might tear the remainder of the poor soldier's body apart.

"What is it, Drops? We're friends and you are relatively safe here. What is it?"

Drops looked up, stared Maltsby in the eye and, unflinchingly, said:


Drops wrenched himself from Maltsby's ever-tightening grip and fell to the floor, weeping.

Maltsby tugged on his chin whiskers just once before deciding on exactly what he had to do. He knew that his next action would either win the war or kill them all. But either way, all of this would be over very soon. He stepped out of his tent and callied his armies to him. They slowly gathered.


Diane rushed around the bathroom, finishing her normal primping routines before church. She walked down the stairs, calling to her husband and son as she descended.

At the bottom of the stairs, she found Eric and Jaimie standing at the big window in the den, staring outside. Curious, she walked over, slid her arms around Eric's waist and kissed him.

She then knelt down to eye-level with Jaimie and had to repeat his name several times before she could get an answer.


"I asked what you and Daddy are looking at out there, sweet thing." She hugs him tight.

"So baby... what ARE you guys looking at ou...

As far as the eye can see, a quivering, thriving blackness shifted and waned. Every section of street, highway, sidewalk... and as she was looking, millions of little yellow dots shifted toward the house almost drunkenly. The darkness began to pulse and move towards her.

Diane yelped and turned to Eric, hoping for some sort of explanation, but that hope was cut short by the rock that came hurtling through the window and into her husband's blank, lifeless face.
Diane screamed again, louder this time, backing away with his blood on her clothes. She heard voices outside, coming from the blackness. She turned to Jaimie, and grabbed him the shoulders.

"Jaimie! What's going on!? What's out there? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!"

Jaimie smiled at his mother and pointed without looking away.

"It's okay mommy... it's the easter bunnies. Just the chocolate easter bunnies."

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