%sdfl;ja;gjip hopefu;;y this will w0rk.... attempting )sd%klj`;s time transmission....

okay thIS is it, upped the signal, should stAbalise things for a few minUTes.... en`ough to send this `` message, even if`` it drAWs theIR attention.... it is now ju$t before midnight, October 31, 2010.... but I've been able to @zvio//puzvu adjustment asjdiouew( tiME freqU3ncy, to send this message backwards in time -- with any ` luck I'll max bandwidth and it'll post `` full five days ` into the paSt, somet`ime on tHE 26th....

No time for long explanations.... listen!! They come from three direc`tions at once, down from the night sky, up from the ground, in from the sea.... fd*7fSoP `` *i$rr beEN hIDing for five days, just started pouring in right, after ` sunset today!! lost coMMunication with the re$t of the world but ` seems t0 be happening everywhere.... can't `` describe them.... horrid, constant ` shifting, razor mandibles and hooked tentacles materialise out of the ether, no solid form, all blackishs blue-greens and a sickly grey.... some no bigger than a man.... can't ever quite see them until you're dead....

Bodies, blood everywhere; ours and theirs, their blood, black, bubbling, but they just kept coming!! Frqj;(3hmp sl;cED right in half, sti11 coming.... If I 'succeed in sending this `' message in`to the pa$t, `` might still hav3 time, find tHE rift and seal it by midnight on the 26th, before they mass in secret for attack!! but if not, you've got t0 surVIve this night, or makind is l0ST!! Stay away from the ground.... midd1e f1oors in ta11 buildings (at least 20 flccrs) are the only saFE place.... top f1oors no good-- the winged ones come from the sKY!!

Get to a, a stockroom, a back office, no windows, someplace you can barricade, with food & water & ammo & especially ^hrs(foj(_ ` not come out no matter what you hear -- they'll call to you, it will be hypnotic, some can't resist, but they can mimic our voices, mess with our perceptions. But they seem to have a vulnerability, there is a key fwemn&^^s..p_

Shit!! they're here, brea`king throuGH tHE barricade.... can't stop them USE THE KEY SAVE YOURSELVES, whatever you can do, save yourselves!! Must.... submit.... node!!


For Ten Years of Terror: The 2010 Halloween Horrorquest

So. Just finished reading Spellbent and Shotgun Sorceress. Good stuff, right up my alley. A few impressions - first, Lake/Cooper's hell is grade-A creepy. Second, Miko is worse. Oh, so much worse. Shotgun Sorceress, in general, is probably going to fill my mind with terror-and-tears-inducing ideas for weeks. I don't know why - monsters usually don't - but wow. Maybe it's my frame of mind. Third - the SCP Foundation would be right at home in this world, except that it wouldn't. That sounds odd, but it makes sense. Trust me.

My only complaint - puke. Ridiculous, enormous amounts of puke. Did there really need to be so much? Other than that, good stuff.

Elsewhere and penguinyhoo, just two more weeks until a bit of a break. Not much, granted, but something. I'll take what I can get in this scheduling nightmare.

Bah, more later. Can't think.

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