According to old records, in about 1640, the German city of Greifswald was overrun with werewolves. It was said that there were so many werewolves that they took over the city, working out of their principal headquarters on Rokover Street. Anyone who went outside after dark was very likely to be attacked and killed by the monsters.

According to the story, a group of students decided to take the fight to the werewolves. However, they were just a bunch of kids, and the werewolves were -- well, werewolves, so the students weren't making much headway.

In a lull in the fighting, one of the students suggested they gather up anything they had that was made of silver, melt them down, and turn them into bullets. After that, the students were able to easily destroy the lycanthropic plague.

But we've learned our lesson now. Secrecy first. Controls over the price of silver second. The cattle won't turn against us again.

Some research from "The Werewolf Book" by Brad Steiger, (C) 1999, Visible Ink Press, p. 133.

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