Copy the HTML source into your writeup replacing Xs with the appropriate numbers for your food.

Check my node under spinach for an example of how it looks.


  • Copying. Browsers can't copy text worth @&$*. So when copying the html code your browser will probably add in spaces, convert tabs into spaces, and otherwise screw up the formatting. What can I do? I modified it until Netscape can copy-paste it to look mostly correct, but I doubt IE will copy it in the exact same manner. I see no way around this. suggestions welcome.


  • When noding food items, node the brand name as part of the title. That way there aren't fifty different nutrional information writeups under common food items.
  • If it's a non-processed food item, like sugar or spinach, you could probably writeup the nutritional information under the non-branded title, as these items are pretty much the same no matter what.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size X units (Xg) Servings Per Container X / about X ----------------------------------- Calories XX Calories from Fat X Amount Per Serving % Daily Value Total Fat X g X% Saturated Fat X g X% Cholesterol X mg X% Sodium X mg X% Total Carbohydrate X mg X% Dietary Fiber X g X% Sugars X g X% Protein X mg X% ------------------------------------ Vitamin A XX% Vitamin C XX% Calcium XX% Iron XX% Vitamin D XX% Thiamin XX% Riboflavin XX% Niacin XX% Vitamin B6 XX% Folic Acid XX% Vitamin B12 XX% Phosphorus XX% Magnesium XX% Zinc XX% Copper XX%

Put only those of the above which apply,
and don't be afraid to add ones not listed -
this is not a complete list

HTML -Copy me for your own Nutrition nodes

<h1>[Nutrition Facts]</h1>
[Serving Size] X units (X g)
[Servings Per Container] X / about X
<strong>[Calories]</strong> XX
     [Calories from Fat] X

<strong>[Amount Per Serving]</strong>		<strong>[% Daily Value]</strong>

<strong>[Total Fat]</strong> X g			<strong>X</strong>%
     [Saturated Fat] X g	       <strong>X</strong>%
<strong>[Cholesterol]</strong> X mg		<strong>X</strong>%
<strong>[Sodium]</strong> X mg			<strong>X</strong>%
<strong>[Total Carbohydrate]</strong> Xmg	<strong>X</strong>%
     [Dietary Fiber] X g	       <strong>X</strong>%
     [Sugars] X g	       <strong>X</strong>%
<strong>[Protein]</strong> X mg			<strong>X</strong>%
[Vitamin A]	XX%	[Vitamin C]	XX%
[Calcium]	XX%	[Iron]		XX%
[Vitamin D]	XX%	[Thiamin]	XX%
[Riboflavin]	XX%	[Niacin]	XX%
[Vitamin B<sub>6</sub>]	   XX%     [Folic Acid]    XX%
[Vitamin B<sub>12</sub>]   XX%     [Phosphorus]   XX%
[Magnesium]	XX%	[Zinc]		XX%
[Copper]	XX%

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