And the only thing about it that's still Italian is the food - Bova's (I think that's the name) on Salem St. is open 24 hours and has great food cheap, something you can't find anywhere else in the neighborhood.

Even five years ago most of the landlords (if not most of the residents) were still old school Italians, and you could find a reasonably priced (though small) apartment if you looked hard enough. Now most of the landlords (actually landladies) have sold out to cash in on the hot housing market, or simply came to the clearing at the end of the path. It's currently filled with yuppies who work in the nearby financial district and college students.

The North End is the place to be in Boston. The Italian section of Boston is open to anyone who cares to wander in. The people and sites are beautiful and the restaurants are all superb.

The best way to get to the North End in Boston is to take the MBTA subway to North Station. When you exit the station you should turn around and walk to the five way intersection. From there, Endicott Street is the most direct route to the center of the city.

Boston's North End is the home of quite a few historical events. One of the most important citizens is Paul Revere, who lived in the North End at 19 North Square. The house can be visited during the week, though there is an admission fee.

Paul Revere's house is right outside another famous location, Sacred Heart Church, at 12 North Square. Sacred Heart is one of a few Roman Catholic churches not owned by a diocese or by the Vatican.

Near North Square is Hanover Street. Hanover Street is the restaurant area for the North End. Hanover Street is home to Mike's Pastries, Modern Pastries, and Umberto's. Mike's Pastries is the tourist pastry shop. Mike's is always busy and the store has many different delicacies on display. Modern Pastries is a more Italian bakery. They offer more traditional Italian bakery goods and are a little cheaper than Mike's. Some prefer their cannoli sometimes to Mike's, not only in flavor, but also in price. Umberto's is a small pizzeria. They make only a certain amount of pizza and are open only 3 hours, but nonetheless it is considered a favorite by some.

In between Hanover Street and North Square is a little restaurant called Artu's which is a little more pricey. Artu's is perfect for a fancy dinner and costs about twenty dollars per plate. The ambiance is nice, even though the dining room can get a little noisy.

There is a small area called "The Prado" or Paul Revere's Mall. The mall is actually a small brick park between Unity Street and Hanover Street. Inside the mall is a large statue of Paul Revere on a horse. Also there is a huge plaque that names many of people who lived in the North End who lost their lives in the wars of the twentieth century. The mall is nice to spend a little time and it is quite beautiful.

Near the mall is the Old North Church. The Old North Church is where Robert Newman hung two lights to signal to Paul Revere the movements of the British. This Episcopalian church is located at 193 Salem Street, and sometimes can be visited for free. Located behind Old North Church is a small garden that is very peaceful.

Near the edge of the North End is Copp's Hill Cemetery, the second oldest cemetery in the city. The site is old but quite historic; the British actually set artillery on the hill for a time during the Revolutionary War. Bova's Bakery at 76 Prince Street is one of the best bakeries in the North End. They serve fresh loaves of bread 24 hours a day. They also serve pastries, as well as pockets of bread stuffed with meats and cheeses.

Farther down, at 11 1/2 Thatcher Street, is Pizzeria Regina, a North End favorite since 1926. As I have written a node on Pizzeria Regina, most of my information would be redundant, I would direct you there

A large draw to the North End besides the food is the festivals. There are many festivals in the North End during the summer. The two largest are the Saint Anthony and Saint Agrippina. Saint Anthony's is a large feast surrounding the club before the carrying of the statue. The Saint Anthony society is very large and the parade is quite enjoyable. The Saint Agrippina is a large procession bearing a statue of the saint herself. The statue is encased in a very heavy marble housing that requires many strong backs to bear.

The North End is a wonderful place to visit. There is always something going on, and people are always hanging out there. I normally go quite often as there are always new places to explore and new people to meet.

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