A node slam is an event that enterprising node-lovers sometimes organize at large E2 Gatherings. It's a noder open mic, where folks volunteer to take turns reading their nodes aloud. The classic format is to volunteer 3-5 nodes you'd like to read, then have the audience cast votes in advance for what they'd like to hear.

The original node slam was organized by Walter at HOT DAMN 2! When Ohio's a rockin' don't come a knockin'

See also Head West! Colonize an already-inhabited place!, knowderslam.2003, Not Damn 4, etc.

Nodeslam is a podcast/audio-collage/thingy hosted by Two Sheds, spliced together by RoguePoet, and inspired by the nodegel1.

It is an experimental side-project. It's not to be confused with The Everything2 Podcast, which is lovely.

All of the site's audio content is released to the world at large under a Creative Commons license (CC By-NC-SA). Updates monthly. Share & enjoy.

Have a listen: Nodeslam.com

RoguePoet1 sez:

"The Nodeslam. What is it? The interconnectedness, the synchronicity, which is really what makes E2 hum... How do you capture that? I don't think I really have that figured out yet myself, but I thought it'd be neat to try to play around with an audio collage. Take little snippets, interesting bits from here and there, dig 'em up out of the nodegel, slap 'em together with some Creative Commons music and, uh, just have fun with it."
— excerpt from Episode 0: Yes I Am Helloing (part 1)

1 ~ disclosure: roguepoet is me.

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