I got one of my biggest compliments ever in clinic yesterday.

"You don't even act like a doctor."

I said, "I hope that's a compliment."

"Yes, it is."

We'd been discussing visits to two orthopedists, who'd both wanted to do surgery. The woman had refused. The context was that she said one of the orthopedists looked annoyed that she wanted to ask questions and disagree with him. So the fact that I'd let her argue and disagree was the "not acting like a doctor". Though I did threaten to take away the sling I'd put on her if she wouldn't LISTEN to the warnings about a frozen shoulder. I suppose that was not very Marcus Welby of me either.

I think that was my Valentine.

The Daylog: 15-Feb-2012

WxT says 7 new nodes were posted to Everything2 on 15-Feb-2012. Among them:

Indian Traffic by rookie noder AAPT, which I chinged. I don't know why this is, but Brits always seem at their most British to me when they're talking about driving. I admit I was secretly hoping to see the word "tire" spelled with a 'y' (no luck) but this is still all pretty good:

"These roadworks loom up out of the night with virtually no warning: there are high-vis chevrons, but sometimes these turn out to be improvised from fluorescent gaffer tape, and once presented us with arrows pointing both left and right: only the option to the left was wide enough for a car. Perhaps Indian scooter riders knew that they could go round the other side. Apart from these fluorescent markers, that is really it: very few "Construction Work" signs, and certainly none of the arc lamps which make any major roadworks a blaze of light at night in the UK. The roadworks would close 1, 2 or even all 3 lanes of the highway: traffic just made its way around, bouncing over kerbs down onto the old narrow roads alongside and back up onto the highway. Even during these manoeuvres the drivers kept on overtaking each other, honking cheerfully as they went. Alongside the highway is India. It is late at night so there are few people around for now. ..."

Glowing Fish piles in with the kind of cheeky and meandering writeup on Focal length that I've come to expect from E2 (that was a compliment, by the way).

Level 3 noder Croakery submitted a modern update to the node on gastric bypass that was sufficiently scientific to gross me the fuck out. (That's a compliment, too. You'll know when a medical node is detailed and informative enough when it starts to make me hella queasy.)

Speaking of doctors and strange compliments-- SEE WHUT I DID THERE? YEAAAAAH!!-- lizardinlaw posted a daylog on that (above). It became the highest-rated w/u of the day at +23 Rep.

Rounding out the rest: a poem from Intentions and another personal node from Glowish Fish.

Aaaaand from the Page of Cool: Hizzoner borgo bestowed the touch of his mighty Ed-Cool upon How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? for its three w/us by Orange Julius and mps (in 2000) and haze (in 2002).

"Additional Exercises:
* Procure a copy of Maurice Durufle's "Ubi Caritas et Amor" and repeat the experiment. Discuss the effect that music religious in nature has on your results.
* Does the type of dancing affect the number of angels who can dance? Experiment with such dancing styles as the foxtrot, the Electric Slide, and the clueless male arm flail.
* Discuss possible sources of error, such as pin imbalance, drunken angels who keep falling off of the pin's head, or angels who won't dance if they don't know the song. ..."

It takes a turn for the (somewhat) serious-- and, more surprisingly, insightful-- from there.

Their reward is knowing that they are cooler than liquid nitrogen. (Does Cool Man Eddie still say that? It's been awhile since I've been ed-cooled.)

Love note to the coding staff:

So, I am clearly a newb when it comes to sockpuppetry. Accidentally posted today's Nodeslam daylog under the wrong account just now. Surprised that I managed to make it four days without fucking that one up? Me too.

But thanks to recent advances in nodegel technology, I was able to quickly send it back to draft and resumbit it under the correct pseudonym. This continues to be awesome.

Many thanks once again for implementing that system.

Hearts and monkies,

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