A bit of advice given to people in the world of FASA's Shadowrun game. The rationale of said advice is threefold:

  • Dragons are not human, and don't think like humans. Therefore, dealing with dragons means having to deal with an alien thought process - a process that could leave you shaking your head in incomprehension.
  • Dragons, especially great dragons, are very ancient, and very cunning. Think of a lawyer that's had a millenium or ten to perfect their craft.
  • Dragons are big, and not just in size. One dragon runs a metanational corporation, and others are believed to be in control of other, less savory organizations (think The Godfather, with scales.) It doesn't matter to you if you're flattened by the dragon's tail, or by his goons - dead is dead, chummer.

The overall point is that dragons are bad news - it's best to just avoid them altogether.

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