What you do when you find yourself holding a gun in a bank and the phrase hostage situation has been batted around and there's some overworked policeman outside near retirement with a bullhorn.

What you do when your girlfriend finds out you were sleeping with her best friend.

What you do when your aunt discovers that you gave all the presents she's given you for years to Goodwill because you didn't like them and the store wouldn't take them back.

What you do when you've been up for a day and a half and there's still stuff happening all around you and it's exciting and it's been exciting but as much as you'd love to continue enjoying it your body craves sleep.

What you do when you die and find out there really is an afterlife but it's a jewish afterlife and you were agnostic or it's a pagan afterlife and you were presbyterian or it's a catholic afterlife and you were an aetheist or whichever afterlife it turns out to be it wasn't the one you thought it was and whatever claims to be God here informs you this is his/her/its equivalent of Judgement Day but you find out it has nothing to do with sin; he just wants to know how many episodes of Little House On The Prairie you watched.

What you do when your world is turned topsy-turvy and nothing is what you thought it was supposed to be and you still care but you realize you can't afford to care anymore cuz it's all over and there's nothing left to do but deal with it!

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