i'd hate to call this a self-help book as i somewhere along the way developed negative connotations with that phrase but i guess that's what it really is. written by Melba Colgrove, Harold H. Bloomfield and Peter McWilliams. publised by Prelude Press. the book is divided into 94 little sections, each with a bit of advice type info on the left and a corresponding poem on the opposing page.

what can i say? many a night, memories of her still burned fresh in my mind, i'd spend reading the poems untill i'd end up in the corner, between my bed and the wall, curled up in a ball, sobbing uncontrolably. and then, after a while, when the pain and longing were no longer bright and firey, when they'd become a constant medium, static background emotions, leaving me feeling numb and emtpy, i put the book far away, deep into the back of my closet with anything else that might've reminded me of her. i still loved her, but i wasn't going to let her hurt me anymore. and now, months later, i've come across it again, i'm slowly going through it, re-reading my favorites, removing all the little ripped pieces paper i'd stuck in as bookmarks. preparing to put it up on the shelf. saying goodbye to it like i've finaly done with her.

The fact that you are
reading these pages
means that you have already
chosen to survive.


And welcome.

if you liked those, please, go buy the book.

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