Rain splatters against Kayla's windshield as she backs into a remote parking space. Outside a car door slams. Inside the dealership a man with pudgy fingers compares two applications. Hand in hand Noah and Kayla make their way towards the showroom. Five tense minutes pass before his name is called. Patiently she waits. Cool brown eyes avoid the sideways glances thrown her way. Before Kayla's name is called she uses the bathroom. Rough paper towels scratch across her skin. Sweat gathers underneath her black Buell t-shirt. Half an eternity passes before a blonde head winks at her.

Nervously she greets the man who will be interviewing her. Twelve minutes later the hiring manager follows Kayla out to her car. His eyes are drawn to the way water beads up on the hood of her Toyota Solara. The call that she got the job comes at the next red light. After their late night movie Noah's hands smooth her hair back. Heavy clouds drench the kissing couple. Tonight the third finger on Kayla's left hand is bare. Tomorrow morning flashes before Noah's half closed eyes. He smiled to himself as he imagines a sleepy looking Kayla waking up to find his present waiting on her pillow

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