A flexed wrist dangles off his steering wheel. Impatiently she fiddles with her stereo wondering if the man at the light notices her. A green light gives the man in the French blue dress shirt a chance to pull ahead of the woman parked next to him. Impulsively she turns off her radio. Gradually the city fades as they make their way down the freeway. Hills, valleys, curves, each turn of every tire is catalogued by the woman behind him. At the corner of Highway VV and North Lake Road she pulls her Lexus into the Mobil station she used to work at. The owner of the dark blue Lexus LS400 stops at pump number five. Sunlight glints off his perfectly trimmed hair. Across from him wind kissed hair obscures her face.
Diamond like tears glitter as her mouth remembers the taste of him. Bitterly he stares at her engagement ring. The wine bar where they used to meet is now within walking distance. The man in front of her slides two fifty dollar bills out of his money clip. A single twenty will take care of the fuel she purchased. After receiving their change the couple steps outside. Wedding rings flash in the dying sun. Matching pink booster seats ride in the back of his car. Eight months from now she’ll be adding an infant carrier to her collection. Together they step off the curb. Back on the freeway she heads north. Another car cuts off his view of her when he turns west. Seven years, three children and two divorces from now they will celebrate their first anniversary by driving past the Lexus dealership where they first met.

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