i think i want to ge_t out of this rat hole
i want to get on-line
i [ need ] a \ com pu ter /

i   l(li k e   t o(o  t(th i(in k(k ( w(we '('r e(e  m a(ak i n(ng   p r(ro g r e s s -i----l--i--k----e-t--o---t---h---i----n---k--w--e---c--a-n-------b----r-e----a--t--h----e------i- - - --l---- ----i- -k--- -e---- ---- -- --t-- --o-- ---- - ---t-(---t--h---- ---i----(----i-n-(---n-k---- ---- ---- --e- -n---(----n-o---- ---u- --g-- --h-- - --(---- -w---- --i-- ---t--(----t---h- - ---(- ---t-(-t----h- -e- - ---- ----l-- --i-- --n--- ---e--- --crossing l_i_n_e_s_ , where poetry ends and reality begins , where do you keep your serious , i t i s b l e e d i n g 0000 0000 0000 0000 i am named for the world , for the missing pieces I WILL COME FOR YOUR BRAINS I WIL(LL ( PLUCK(K OUT THE ( EYE OF THE B(BE(EH(HOLD(DER(R i will pull sparks across your dead synapses yet (you're always channeling someone) --- can th is be be auty --- mpl(layer -loop 0 *.mp3 (watching me) starring Keanu Reeves (in his best-played role, he always feels like somebody ' s ' watching ' him yawn to cereal and rolling out on to cold floors (tell me is it just a dream) a ---b--e--e-- -b---u----z---z--e--s-- a second b4 waking [ some thing like a tele phone ] and ( t(they ca(alle(ed i(it ( Light(t , ( and thi(in(ngs(s ( were ( Goo(od for a while , until the radio , crab of a million claws that catch (tried to say It Is All Connected (first detected in 1969) an Eternal Golden Braid , a lost song , written in the dark , by a dumb god whose brain swam with light(t and can th is be be auty ------? A Braided Anthology Conceived About Brainstuff And Dreamthread And_that Before Anyone Could Assay Became Another Everything -- a r(ret(turn(ning to the d(dust , bleed out on an al(lien world ,-i----t-- --w-a-s- ---t----h----e----p e r m e a t i n g---w---a--v---e----s- in which we g(got ( lost-(----(-W(W---(--e---(-F-o(o-u---(-n-d--T(T-o(o----o-(----M-u-(--(--c---h--W-(--(-e--(--(-L(L-(---o-(-s-t-T-o-(---(-o(o-(-M---u(u--(--c-(----(-h-we changed. We change.

<p><i>, until the radio)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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