Neko Case, prominent alt-country and indie rock star, fiery pale redhead. Angry reserved feminist. Racy Esquire model. Fan of the word "beaver". Talented musician.

Case was born in Alexandria, Virginia in 1970. Raised all over Washington State, Case spent her adolescence in the Tacoma area, which she still refers to as her hometown. Leaving both home and high school at 15, Neko spent years immersed in the Puget Sound music scene, gaining exposure to emerging bands like Nirvana and Screaming Trees. By age 17, Case was playing drums in various local punk bands.

Eventually earning her GED, case left Tacoma in 1994 to attend the Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design in Vancouver BC. While in Canada, Case began playing music more seriously as a member of groups like Maow and Cub. In 1997, Case released her solo debut, The Virginian (under the name Neko Case and her Boyfriends). Recorded as something of "a lark", the album garnered more success than Case expected and laid the foundation for a committed Neko fan base. The following year Case received her BFA from Emily Carr and was forced to leave Canada when her student visa ran out.

Case returned to the Puget Sound, moving to the Washington Shoe Building in Seattle. Over a year later, the building owners would evict Case and a hundred or so other artists under pretense, finally souring Case on life in Washington. In October of 1999, Case left the Emerald City for Chicago, where she lives today.

2000 was a busy year for Case, seeing the fruition of several long-stewing projects. Right after her regrettable departure from sunny Washington, Case released her sophomore solo effort, Furnace Room Lullaby. The end of the year saw the debut of the irrepressible pop that is The New Pornographers with their album Mass Romantic, featuring Case as a vocalist. Case also spend most of the year touring in her typical style, opening for bands like Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

In 2001, Case returned to the studio for her third solo effort. The result, the dark and lush Blacklisted, was released in August of 2002.

Case's third album has lead her to the brink of some kind of stardom, and it's clear that a crossroads is on the horizon for her. Her burgeoning success, fueled by an exhaustive touring effort, has attracted the snouts of the major labels. Just what that crossroads portends is not clear. What is evident is Case's drive and talent. From the thundering rage on Deep Red Bells, to the ache of In California, Case's voice is unrepentant. Her casual vulnerability and invincible on-stage wit make the viewer confident that future twists of the road will be handled easy, or at least success.

Also, Neko is really, really hot.

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