The Emily Carr Institute for Art + Design is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It also goes by the names ECIAD, Emily Carr, and The Institute. It is a professional, practice-oriented institute, which has its roots in critical theory and art history. According to the mission statement, it is a learning community devoted to excellence and innovation in visual arts, media arts and design.

The current president is Dr. Ron Burnett.

To get into the institute, one must demonstrate ability in visual arts, media arts or design, and conduct an interview, present a strong portfolio, good written answers to the admission questions, and transcripts to back it all up. Entering in first year, one must also include a special project.

Degrees granted by Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design:
Bachelor of Design - Communication Design major
Bachelor of Design - Industrial Design major
Bachelor of Fine Arts - Visual Arts major
Bachelor of Fine Arts - General Fine Arts major
Bachelor of Fine Arts - Integrated Media major
Bachelor of Fine Arts - Photography major
Bachelor of Media Arts - Animation major

There are also co-operative and exchange programs available to students after first-year studies.

A new and significant addition to Emily Carr is the Centre for Art and Technology, which is an interdisciplinary R&D environment with a focus on exploration, creation, education, and art, using digital interactive technologies. Examples include online education, research, partnerships, and discussion on the ethics of digital communication.

ECIAD publishes the "Visions" newsletter.

To study at Emily Carr, expect to pay 2500 dollars canadian for a year, plus 2000 dollars in material.

The Institute is located just south of Vancouver's downtown, under the Granville Street Bridge.

Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design
1399 Johnston Street, Granville Island
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6H 3R9

Significant Alumni
Liz Magor
Paul Mathieu

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