The NPD (Nationalistic Party of Germany) is an extreme right-wing German party. They try to mix anti-capitalistic, populistic views and officially only slightly anti-foreigner paroles. This official part has nearly nothing to do with their real aims, which include violence against foreigners, disabled and homeless people. The NPD tries to hide this behind their populistic image to avoid forbiddance (if a party in Germany violates the so called Freiheitlich-demokratische Grundordnung (FDGO: liberal democratic system), it has to be forbidden).
Currently there is a process of forbidding the NPD going on. This is pretty complicated as the forbiddance of a party is a very severe step as it interferes with several fundamental rights.

The history of the NPD is really interesting, as the NPD was mainly a accumulation of old men with reactionary views in the 1970. After the reunion in 1990 the NPD was successful in recruit young, radical skinheads in the former DDR. Nowadays the NPD is nearly completely unpresent in most parts of Germany, though they have a pretty strong discipleship in some regions (mostly with high unemployment rates).

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