North Carolina State University, based in Raleigh, NC. School colors are red and white. Strong agricultural, technical and engineering background. The campus contains more red brick than is aesthetically traditional.

They have a fight song/cheer called the Red and White. If you listen to it at their marching band's website ( in QuickTime format; oh, if only Everything offered multimedia links) you'll hear somewhere in there the line, "Go to Hell, Carolina." In the interests of fair and elevated academic discourse, I present in rebuttal the alternative lyrics for this fight song as developed by members of the Marching Tar Heels circa the late 1980s.

I hereby belatedly apologize for using this nodeshell for the perpetuation of an intercollegiate rivalry. Though this is also an interesting cultural study; had the lyrics been developed in these more enlightened times I doubt the somewhat homophobic Line 6 below would have taken the form it did.

(dah, da dah, da dah da dah da dah)
Oh, we're the boys from State
And we know we're really slack;
We applied to Carolina but they sent our papers back.
This cowshit's got the best of me,
I wish I were at UNC,
But they don't offer Sodomy (State sucks!)

(dah, da dah, da dah da dah da dah)
Oh, you can bite my ass;
You can bite it anytime.
You can bite my ass;
You can bite it for a dime.
Go to Hell, NC State!
Go to Hell, NC State!
Go to Hell and bite my ass! (State sucks!)

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