The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the oldest public university in North America. It is located in the small town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina which is located in "The Triangle", which also contains the cities of Raleigh and Durham. UNC is well known for its accademics, but is perhaps best known for its basketball team and the famous college basketball coach: Dean Smith.

UNC, or Universal Naming Convention, was created to allow for a unique name for each object shared on a network. Microsoft Windows and Novell NetWare use these primarily.

A UNC address is in the format \\server-name\share-name.

Many programs do not support UNC addresses, and as such workarounds have been developed to allow UNCs to be mapped as drive letters, called network drives. To map a UNC to a network drive, the command-line command is net use j: \\server-name\share-name. The mapped drive, j:, then functions as a normal drive on the computer.

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