This was happening to me at work often enough that I actually had to invest time in figuring out why. It's really, really embarrassing to be staggering around the office with that half-puckered look on your face, and have to answer the inevitable questions. Soon enough, the answer is condensed to a "my-dick-is-asleep-yeah-yeah-I-know-fuck-you" in order to ward off the gales of laughter.

In my case, at least, it turned out that when I got a new keyboard, I'd raised my chair seat a tad, and the lip of the chair was then high enough so that my feet couldn't sit flat. At that point, the lip of the chair was putting pressure on blood vessels on the underside of my thigh which apparently feed the crank some.

Ouch ouch ouch.

Oh, yes ... I remember that old eunuchoid sensation. In my case it happened because of a bicycle saddle that pressed precisely in the right spot.

And you know what ? Those goofy-looking biker pants with the little pillow that makes you walk funny work great to prevent the Dick-and-Balless Cyclist Syndrome.

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