Mostasteless - (Released late 1998)
Twiztid's first album, it featured a couple of tracks from when they were in the House of Krazees, as well as some new tracks with music by Mike E. Clark. Labelmates Insane Clown Posse appear on a couple of tracks on this album.

  1. Intro - Sounds like a cross between the introduction music of the original Final Fantasy, a crazy guy yelling "Twiztid!" with a chainsaw, and an angelic choir.
  2. 2nd Hand Smoke - Features a sample of "Free Your Mind" by En Vogue. Typical attitude rap.
  3. Diemother****erdie - Another attitude rap with a jazzy feel to the music.
  4. Smoke Break - "If you smoke bud, then say HELL YEAH!"... lyrics performed by Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse
  5. Murder, Murder, Murder - Old House of Krazees song. Monoxide tells a story about killing some girl, but Madrox goes into a very detailed description of the perfect murder.
  6. First Day Out - This is Jamie Madrox's cover of the old(ICP song originally appearing on the Carnival of Carnage album from 1991). Mike E. Clark produced the original, as well as this version. This is a juggalo favorite.
  7. Somebody's Dissin U - Old House of Krazees track. The chorus sounds like it was lifted straight off a motown record.
  8. Meat Cleaver w/Myzery and ICP - A collaboration between all of the artists that were on Psychopathic Records at the time. Myzery has since left the label for greener pa$ture$ that apparently failed to materialize
  9. How Does It Feel? - Attitude rap with a heavy feel to it.
  10. She Ain't Afraid - A pimp song about a girl who "ain't afraid to admit she likes dick". Features a guest babble by Shaggy 2 Dope of the Insane Clown Posse
  11. What the ****? - Attitude rap... starts off with a long sample of the movie Halloween.
  12. Another Smoke Break - Exact same track as Smoke Break, but it says "Another" in front of it all.
  13. $85 an hour w/ICP - A freestyle rap done for fun in under an hour. The term "Slim Anus" was coined during this studio session, but it didn't have anything to do with Eminem at the time. Instead of a chorus, they just made prank phone calls.
  14. Renditions of Reality - A very deep song.. it's got a real message.
There's also a hidden track that tells a story that gives you the Twiztid hotline number.
Mostasteless reissue - (Released late 1999)
Reissue with about half new tracks. Twiztid's style began to emerge on this album. Apparently, the tracks that appeared on the original, but not this version, were too explicit for Island Records, who distributed this version of the album.


  1. Intro - Same.
  2. 2nd Hand Smoke - Same
  3. Diemother****erdie - Same, except that the word "burn" was censored in the phrase "We need burn the White House and piss in his face", and the word "beat" was censored in "and every cop should be beat like Rodney King"
  4. Rock the Dead - Popular Twiztid song. There was a single and a radio edit available, but no radio station picked it up.
  5. Spin the Bottle w/ICP - Pimp song... rather funny.. Madrox spends a good portion of the track complaining that the bottle landed on him, and no girls are giving him any love.
  6. Blink - A track with a serious feel where Twiztid explains some of the things that bother them
  7. How Does It Feel? - Same
  8. $85 an hour w/ICP - Same
  9. First Day Out - Same
  10. What the ****? - The "Halloween" sample was removed, and there were quite a few words censored
  11. Bury Me Alive - A song about never selling out
  12. Hound Dogs w/ICP and Blaze Ya Dead Homie - Blaze's first ever Psychopathic appearance... this is a song about annoying fans. It's OK to be down with a band, but don't be swinging off their nuts.
  13. Renditions of Reality - Same, except the music was remastered with different volume levels. The hidden track was removed.

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