Moosehead beer is produced in Atlantic Canada by the Canada's oldest independent brewery. It is available worldwide. Exported versions come in a green bottle. The local (Atlantic Canada) market for Moosehead beer features many more varieties, including Moosehead Light, Moosehead Dry and Moosehead Ale.

Mossehead breweries was established by the Oland family in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in 1867. After the Halifax Explosion in 1917 the family decided to set up a second brewery in Saint John, New Brunswick, just in case. The two facilities operated symbiotically until the mid 90s when the Dartmouth brewery was closed and brewing operations were moved completly to Saint John and the Dartmouth warehouse operation (which includes a drive-through beer store) was expanded. The Saint John brewery has been in its present location since 1928 and occupies the entire east side of Main Street West except for a small frontage of stores.

The beers produced by Mossehead are:
Moosehead Lager (aka Moosehead green)
This is the flagship Mossehead beer that is exported to all parts of the world. In most markets it comes in a green bottle.
Alpine Lager
The other flagship beer. This beer is only available in Atlantic Canada. A little hoppier than your standard lager.
Moosehead Pale Ale (aka Moosehead Red, after the red label)
This is a pretty standard ale.
Moosehead Light
I'm not a light beer drinker so I don't know what this tastes like but I imagine it's pretty typical of light beers.
Moosehead Premium Dry
One of first Canadian dry beers and the first to be available in 8-packs. Pretty good but dry beers are not realy my cup of tea. I suspect that some people drink this simply because it's 5.5% alcohol by volume as opposed to the standard 5%.
Ten Penny Stock Ale
I have no idea where the name comes from but this is considered by some to be an "old man's beer". It's pretty malty and quite good IMHO.
Clancy's Amber Ale
Named for the Moosehead brewmaster this is Moosehead's first "craft beer". Amber in color and really full flavored. Probably Moosehead's best beer.
Clancy's Harvest Ale
A european style dark ale. Released only in the autumn of the year. Darker than the amber ale but I haven't tried it yet so I don't know how it tastes.

Moosehead also has an agreement with Molson to produce Molson Canadian for the Atlantic Canada market.

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