Once upon a time, this establishment was called Brewer's Retail. The marketing execs clued in on the fact that nobody ever called it that and renamed the store to what we all called it anyway: The Beer Store.

Since Ontarians cannot purchase beer at the corner store like everyone else in the world, we must go to The Beer Store and purchase it during their hours of operation.

There are two types of Beer Stores. Respectively, they are self-serve and counter stores. The self-service stores are the most fun to shop in, because you can see all the types of beer that is available for sale, from the ultra cheap to the extra-premium and mix six to taste and try.

Plus, you're walking into a giant beer fridge. What more could a Hoser want?

The counter-type stores are equally as interesting as people line up at the cashier and place their order. The cashier speaks the request into a microphone and in turn, beer is shot down a conveyor belt to the lucky recipient.

The Beer Store also vends t-shirts, playing cards, mugs, and my favourite- Toques.

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