Or Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, a film starring Michael Jackson and some (other) Claymation characters. It contains a bunch of flashy musical numbers (including the famous Smooth Criminal) as well as Wacko Jacko turning into a giant robot and a spaceship, and saving kids from the perils of drugs. (But evidently being too late to save the scriptwriter.)

Moonwalker was adapted into at least three seperate video games. There was a home computer version by Rainbow Arts (I think), which was the usual series of minigames based on scenes from the film. More famously there was the Sega System 16 arcade version (an isometric shoot-'em-up) and the Shinobi-like platform game for Sega's 1991 home formats (Sega Mega Drive and Sega Master System), which was rumoured to have been designed by the noseless one himself. This game was very cool at the time, with Jackson (the player) attacking goons by dancing them to death (the 'smart bomb' made all the enemies on screen- even dogs!- perform a dance number before expiring), and searching the levels for children. (Insert predictable filthy joke here)

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