The Minibosses are an Arizona-based band who have reorchestrated a number of old video game tunes into an alternative rock sounding format. Their first album contains the following tracks:

Some of these are very well orchestrated. Their lack of a strong vocal lead doesn't hamper their videogame covers, which are well worth the download. Download? Did I mention that they put all of their music online in MP3 format, free of charge?

The Minibosses are Woody, Burke, and Ben.

While the legality of their music is questionable, it is well worth the download for anybody who has spent a significant portion of their life playing any/all of the videogames whose themes they cover. Especially since it's anybody's guess as to how many nanoseconds they have left before getting slapped with a lawsuit over royalties.

On a side note, these songs rank highly among my favorite mood music at work.

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