Sometimes called the poor man's opal, it does look someting like a cross between opal and mother of pearl. It is a rather soft stone with an internal luminscence, frequently blue or purple, although there is a varient called a 'peach moonstone' that somewhat resembles a sunstone.

Symbolic of, naturally, everything to do with the moon and all her properties. Often used in ritual to represent the Goddess because of its feminine associations. Moonstone stands for left, silver, water, air, moon, female, receptive energy, healing, spiritual aspects.

Before Britains acquired it at the siege of Seringapatam in 1799, the "stone" has already passed through the hands of a number vain conquerors. The Moonstone(*) is the sacred object into a symbol of wealth and power that no mere mortal should possess, but which, despite its curse, immoral warriors of various nations have sought to acquire. In fact, owning what no one should possess merely adds to the Moonstone's allure. The connection of the properties of the Moonstone to "ancient Greece and Rome" is the first indication that India is not a barbarous and backward series of petty principalities but an ancient civilisation. The Brahmins risked their immortal souls by masquerading as members of a lower caste (jugglers and musicians) in order to retrieve the gem, dedicating their lives to the service of their god. The Moonstone brings out the worst in the worldlings the seek to appropriate it: it brings out the hypocrisy of the outwardly charitable, pious, and selfsufficiency of Britains, who were unmasked in death as a "Whited Sepulchre". (*)(Moonstone, a novel by Wilkie Collins)
Moonstone was a great game for the Amiga. It featured awsome graphics and an atmospheric soundtrack.
It was set in an medevil world with monsters and dragons, and the objective of your quest was to collect four keys and get access to the moonstone. Along the way you will have to defeat many creatures and retain their gold and magic treasures to increase your strength so that you might survive the perils of the shadowy half world that lies within.

Credits for the Amiga-version
Created By: Rob Anderson
Programmed By: Rob Anderson
Kevin Hoare
Music And Sound By: Richard Joseph
Artwork By: Rob Anderson
Dennis Turner
Additional Art By: Steve Leney
Designed By: Rob Anderson
Todd Prescott
An American company making outdoor clothes, mainly parkas and bibs (Gore-Tex clothing in particular), but also quite a lot of gloves and mittens.

Extremely high quality and well thought out details are a trademark of Moonstone.

Moon"stone` (?), n. Min.

A nearly pellucid variety of feldspar, showing pearly or opaline reflections from within. It is used as a gem. The best specimens come from Ceylon.


© Webster 1913.

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