An orange stone with a naturally internal radiance that flares almost coronal-like when the sun catches it. It almost appears if there are small metallic flecks of liquid sun inside it. It is a brighter, more firey lunimescence than stones like mother of pearl or moonstone, its counterpart. There is actually an orange form of granite that is often called "sunstone", but this is incorrect.

Sunstone embodies the god, the sun, the masculine force, fire, earth, right, gold, physical power, projective energy.

The Sunstone is the Oregon State Gem It is a straw to red colored stone made of potash feldspar. The rocks are volcanic in origin and are formed in veins. Probably the best known and most prolific Sunstone mine is the Dust Devil Mines near Plush, Oregon.

Sun"stone` (?), n. Med.

Aventurine feldspar. See under Aventurine.


© Webster 1913.

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