Mitch Benn is a musical comedian who can frequently be heard on BBC Radio 4's The Now Show and BBC Radio 2's It's Been A Bad Week with Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis. He writes and performs topical humorous songs and accompanies himself on the electric guitar, as well as writing for and featuring in other sections of the shows.

Mitch began his career in Edinburgh in 1994 and moved to London in 1996. In 1995 Mitch won Best New Comic at Glastonbury, and in 1998 won Mercury Comedian of the Year at Leicester Comedy Festival.

He is often compared with Bill Bailey, which may have more to do with the hair than anything else. Mitch's opinion on the subject is:

"...when it's intended as a compliment I'm pleased... it only annoys me if there's some kind of snide inference that I'm imitating him or trying to pass myself off as some sort of "poor man's Bill". We're not particularly similar anyway; we don't even look as alike as people seem to think ... and while we both play guitar, Bill plays keyboards most of the time these days... It's just a pretty lazy comparison, I suppose."


He currently has two CDs available: The Unnecessary Mitch Benn, his 1998 live album, and the recently released Radio Face which even has its own website:

For more about Mitch and to see what I mean about the hair =) go to

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