One Easter, around twelve years ago, my dad didn't get around to finding an Easter basket for my candy. So, he decided to borrow a large Tupperware bowl from my grandmother.

The problem with this was that it was a bowl she had used to store chopped onions. I know what you're probably saying: "So what? Just wash the damn bowl and quit complaining. Problem solved."

Wrong. Tupperware products have, in addition to their tendency to stain easily, a tendency to absorb the scent and flavor of whatever has been stored in them. These scents and flavors are then absorbed by anything else that is stored in the bowl. Add the tendency of onions to add their scent and flavor to any nearby food product, and you have a recipe for disaster.

I woke up that Easter morning to discover the large bowl filled with candy. I unwrapped a Rolo, and bit into it. To my surprise and disgust, it tasted like onions. In fact, the onion flavor completely covered up the taste of chocolate and caramel. I didn't go near that bowl of candy again; I think my dad ate most of it after the onion flavor subsided a bit.

I'm not sure if Tupperware products still have that quirk; between this trauma and one too many bowls of corn flakes that tasted like Italian salad dressing, I refuse to use them.

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