Highly Entertaining Thirty Minutes Of Satire

Until a couple of years ago, BBC's Radio 4 was deemed to be the dullest station on earth. Shows like Woman's Hour, Farming today, The Archers and Letter from AMerica certainly didn't grab you by the balls with amazement. But over the last couple of years, it's become an incredibly sexy word-based station.

Together with the other weekend comedy shows on BBC Radio 4 ("Just a minute", "Dead Ringers" and "The News Quiz"), "the Now Show" gives you right sort of start into the weekend. Always tearing into the news of the week that was, the show gives you an incredibly funny review of the most important topics of the last 7 days. No one is spared, nobody is left out.

Ranging into the dadaistic at times, this is intelligent entertainment from a highly motivated team of writers: namely Hugh Dennis, Steve Punt, Mitch Benn, Emma Kennedy, Jon Holmes and Marcus Brigstocke. Broadcast Fridays at 18:00 and Saturdays at 12:30, it's best listened to while relaxing in the kitchen with a glass of wine or in bed with your favourite partner, giggling uncontrollably.

Regular features on the show are at least two songs by Mitch Benn (his best work undoubtedly Hamlet in three minutes, as sung by Eminem:"On the way home I met these three mystic bitches...of the kind in those days more commonly-referred to as witches."), the Entertainment Report and recently the Iraqi Information Minister.

Keeping up the tradition of excellent comedy on Radio 4, these are 30 minutes not to be missed.

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