Sometimes considered a synonym for "the internet", but much more than that. A conception of Neal Stephenson. A collective unconscious to which one connects through a computer. It has its own streets, buildings, and rules. Many parts of the Metaverse are synonymous with everyday internet terminology.

The popular over-use of the prefix meta- has caused more etymological pain in the ass than almost anything else. For one thing, it came out a few decades ago as a pop science term, which means that by now most people think they know what it means, rendering meta- words almost completely useless for purposes of actual communication.

"Meta-" expresses a sort of redundancy--or perhaps I should say "recursiveness"--that really applies to thought only. You can't actively DO a meta-thing; at least not now, not by normal routes; if you're a Zen Master I can't speak for you. So if I'm studying how things move, I'm studying physics; but if you're studying how physics moves, you're studying metaphysics. Meta-thought, which is effectively thinking about how thinking works, is commonly called Philosophy. Well...Psychology and neurobiology sometimes vie for pieces of that pie, but they (rightly) rarely get it. According to the original rules for things like meta-thinking and meta-physics, Philosophy is the only science that can operate ONLY on a meta level.

So you see what a mess some goofball tossing out the word "Metaverse" has caused. I wish people would think before they invent these words; or at least try a little harder to explain them when they do. So now we have a Uni-Verse, directly translated as the "One Turn", something we've never seen and have no solid information on, but that we nonetheless termed "that biggest thing"; whatever the whole trip around turns out to be for. ONE Turn.

And then--splat--we get metaverse thrown at us. The turning--the ONE turn--of the Universe isn't good enough for us; now we have to have a Turn that Turns The Turn. What the fuck would that be, you may ask? Well, since I think Philosophy is probably ALL that's qualified to field that question, I'll use it and try. It would be the thing that Moved the Prime Mover, whatever that was. The thing that gave birth to God. The Impetus Before The Thought Before The Action That Started It All.

There. That sucked to have to think about, didn't it? That's what we get. That's what happens when people think they're being clever or expanding our horizons--they invent words so abstract that the mere saying of them pushes our brains right out into the cold, where there's nothing whatsoever to stand on.

Then again, those of you with the gumption to ignore Philosophy probably don't have my blistering dislike of such orphan terminology, do you? Oh well...

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