1. The spread of a disease from one organ or body part to another which is not directly connected to the first.

  2. The spread of cancer from its original site to another part of the body; this happens because cancer cells break off the original tumor and spread via the blood or lymph system.

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Me*tas"ta*sis (?), n.; pl. Metastases (#). [L., transition, fr. Gr. , fr. to place in another way; after + to place.]

1. Theol.

A spiritual change, as during baptism.

2. Med.

A change in the location of a disease, as from one part to another.


3. Physiol.

The act or process by which matter is taken up by cells or tissues and is transformed into other matter; in plants, the act or process by which are produced all of those chemical changes in the constituents of the plant which are not accompanied by a production of organic matter; metabolism.


© Webster 1913.

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