The latest game in the Metal Slug series of games. It features all new missions and all new bosses and new levels of addictiveness. However, many of the enemies are the exact same ones you've gotten used to seeing in previous Metal Slugs. However, the seemingly infinite masses of soldiers are found in new, interesting, and wacky situations. The four playable characters are back even though Fio is not playable for a good portion of the Final Mission. (Something about aliens kidnapping her and making a few thousand clones for you to fight off...) Note: I've been informed by CaptianSpam that who get's kidnapped is determined at random. Though for some reason I always end up fighting off hordes of Fios... Back also are the Metal Slugs. Vehicals of mass Destruction. You got tanks to mow people over with, you own personal sub to battle it out underwater, Walkers (kinda like a deformed AT-ST), Ostrich Metal Slugs, Helicopters, Planes, Camels and Elephants equipped with Heavy Machine Guns... All sorts of good fun.

This is also probably one of the longest Metal Slugs, as it can take me upwards of 45 minutes to complete. The Final Mission is almost as long as the first four missions combined. Getting good is worth it, as I can half-way through the Final Mission and get over 30 minutes of play with a single $0.25. Definately the best Metal Slug thus far.
Metal Slug 3 is possibly the most expensive videogame available today, fetching a cool £500 for an import NeoGeo home system cart. The ROMs on the arcade board are encrypted, which has so far prevented the game being dumped for use with emulators such as NeoRage. This is a shame, as most arcades over here have long since junked their NeoGeo multi-game cabinets and I have no way, short of working at CEX, to play the game!

(N.B.: Eventually the encryption was circumvented, so now it's possible to play Metal Slug 3 on your emulator of choice.)

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