"This Mission's A Toughie!"

SNK, 2000 ****

Second installment of the Neo Geo Pocket Color branch of the Metal Slug series of platform shooters. Offers 38 missions, two characters (Gimlet and Red Eye) and tank, plane, sub, jetpack, boat, unarmed, minecart, snow and desert levels. (Basically every platform and Contra-style shooter cliche concievable). There is also a time attack mode, but sadly no link-cable support. While the NGPC cannot recreate the insane numbers of sprites and composite bosses of the arcade versions, this version does include much of the gameplay and animation style of the original. There is also greatly improved replayability offered by different routes and the additional objective of locating all the hostages. Overall, one of the better games for the system if you are a fan of the series or of Contra/platform style games. Oh yeah, there is also speech.

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