"shooting movies just for the fun and beauty of getting
down what was happening with the people we knew"
- Andy Warhol

Title: ****
Alternative Titles: Four Stars, The 24 Hour Movie
Director: Andy Warhol
Release Date: 15th December 1967
Runtime: 25 hours / 120 minutes (see below)

I genuinely think it would take less time to list the people who weren't in this film, so I think an attempt at a cast listing would be counterproductive. Most of the cast have never been in anything not by Andy Warhol. IMDB has an attempt at a listing, but it is in no way exhaustive.

Notable exceptions (people who crop up in more than one segment) include:

Nico (Christa Päffgen)
Ondine (Robert Olivo)
Edie Sedgwick
Alan Midgette

Composed of footage shot between August 1966 and September 1967, Andy Warhol's ****, originally titled Fuck, is a 25 hour long composite piece consisting of thirty sections. Shown in its entirety only once, from 8:30pm on the 15th of December 1967 until 9:30pm on the 16th of December 1967 at the New Cinema Playhouse in New York, the film also exists in a shortened 120 minute version, which surely kind of defeats the point.

Trying to fit some sort of plot (hah!) description in here would be difficult, as the film is mostly hours and hours of people in the Warhol Scene of the 60s hanging about and doing stuff.

Some of the separate sections of **** were released as shorter films in their own right - a 100 minute version of Imitation of Christ starring Nico and footage originally intended for an 8 hour version of The Loves of Ondine, as well as Bike Boy. **** also included A Christmas Carol, Warhol's filming of Soren Agenoux's production of Charles Dickens' novel.

This is taken from the book Stargazer by Stephen Koch and is not necessarily complete or in order.

Group One (30 mins)
Sunset Beach on Long Island (30 mins)
High Ashbury (30 mins)
Tiger Morse (30 mins)
International Velvet (30 mins)
Alan and Dickin (2 hrs)
Imitation of Christ (8 hrs)
Courtroom (30 mins)
Gerard Has His Hair Removed with Nair (30 mins)
Katrina Dead (30 mins)
Sausalito (30 mins)
Alan and Apple (30 mins)
Ondine and Ingrid (30 mins)
Ivy and Susan (30 mins)
Sunset in California (30 mins)
Ondine in Yellow Hair (30 mins)
Philadelphia Story (30 mins)
Katrina (30 mins)
Barbara and Ivy (30 mins)
Ondine and Edie (30 mins)
Susan and David (30 mins)
Orion (30 mins)
Emanuel (30 mins)
Rolando (30 mins)
Easthampton Beach (30 mins)
Swimming Pool (30 mins)
Nico-Katrina (30 mins)
Tally and Ondine (30 mins)
Ondine in Bathroom (30 mins)
A Christmas Carol (33 mins)

the wonderful (although not so wonderful on this film) imdb.com

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