Not only can you wear it, but you can listen to it as well. Menswear can be considered the Monkees of post-Blur Britpop. After playing 5 live shows, they got a major-label deal, and released their only LP, Nuisance. The members of Menswear grew up together, and told people they were in a band long before they actually were in one. They then suffered a nasty break-up, probably due to the fact that they just wanted to be superstars, and not actually play music. And we love them for it.

Back in the sweltering summer of 1995, anything seemed possible.

Britpop ruled the world. For a short while, you couldn't turn on the radio without hearing clever, ironic guitar pop. Everyone was getting in on the act. Blur, whose career was clinically dead after Modern Life Is Rubbish, were suddenly Number One. The Gallaghers appeared in newspapers more often than John Major. Pulp were the best new band of the year, in spite of having formed in 1979.

In the middle of all this arrived Menswear.

They were in some ways a boy band. They may not have been auditioned for the band, and they may not have had the Svengali manager, but the philosophy was the same - "Concentrate on the appearance and the music will follow". They looked fantastic - sharp mod suits and amazing cheekbones. Probably the first band to ever become famous by hanging out in a pub (back then you got a free record contract with every pint in The Good Mixer), they were only together for a matter of months before appearing on the cover of Melody Maker. A record deal soon followed, unleashing the first single - "I'll Manage Somehow".

Their biggest hit was the Kinks-esque "Daydreamer". An album followed, but at this point the bubble was bursting. A few months later they appeared again in this time. Johnny, the lead singer appeared in his traditional suit. The others showed up in jeans and t-shirts. The entire intervview consisted of Johnny berating them for not caring anymore. They imploded soon afterwards.

The full track listing of Nuisance, their sole album:

  1. 125 West 3rd Street
  2. I'll Manage Somehow
  3. Sleeping In
  4. Little Miss Pinpoint Eyes
  5. Daydreamer
  6. Hollywood Girl
  7. Being Brave
  8. Around You Again
  9. The One
  10. Stardust
  11. Piece of Me
  12. Stardust (reprise)

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