Enclosed in a makeshift envelope formed from a page of the Weekend Funnies, with a pretty good "Overboard" gag based on anticlimax and bathos (I recall that our local paper once had the best comics section I had ever seen. The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes were retired years ago by their respective, wise creators, and the other ones I thought were funny the paper's owners swept away in the 2000s, replaced them with mind-numbing pabulum. "Retail" out and "Adam" in. Hurray for bland inoffensiveness)--

sealed with a paperclip

— twenty-seven tiny pieces of paper, some with handwriting, and some typed. I recall I sometimes sent letters to people in the late 1980s and early 1990s in this fashion, envelopes of fragments. This one I suppose I sent to myself. The fragments I sort in whatever form they come out. 2012 Me replies and comments in the softlinks. Names have been changed in some cases. The date reads May 4 (Monday), though the events chronicled occurred between Thursday April 30, 1992 and Sunday May 3, 1992.

1. One ticket to Cassandra, a "new greek tragedy," at Talbot College Theatre.

2. Evie's old boyfriend Blake happened to be at the roadhouse, with some silent woman who looked like a barfly; he's been married and is in the process of getting divorced.

3. Julie and I walked to the Village for Sunday brunch; we ate at the Wortley Roadhouse; the other restaurant on Wortley was closed.

4. Bernie came with us (Saturday, around midnight) but did not dance.

5. Is "MacArthur Park" a stupid song, or what?

6. Katie's friend Willow was a bridesmaid at Blake's wedding.

7. I intend to work on my VR story later today and tomorrow.

8. I had thought of seeing Fried Green Tomatoes on Saturday night; perhaps I will go tonight.

9. May 4, 1992.

10. The act (or) (ress) who played the title role did a fine job; would that she and Electra had more to do in the play.

11. A single light could be seen up in Saugeen as we approached last night, returning from the play.

12. On our way to brunch we met up with Katherine and Lesley, who were also going to brunch.

13. The fake head-on-a-stick and the ribbons of blood might've looked less ridiculous if the entire play had been so stylized.

14.Jake and Lori made moussaka for dinner Sunday night.

15. Julie went to high school with Lesley.

16. The marks on the test were not bad, but that class grows absurdly small.

17. I've never been to the Wortley Roadhouse before this last weekend, when I went twice.

18. Many of Katie's friends're single women; nice, though none especially caught my attention (and the reverse is likely true).

18. I wish Katherine had stayed longer at the party.

20. Josh and Katie had a barbecue and party Saturday night; Josh even threw on a salmon steak for me.

21. "How did Evie know I got married," Blake asked, and I said I thought she’d heard it from someone. She heard it in a somewhat scary letter he wrote her.

22. I went to see Cassandra with Lori Sunday night; the play featured some okay material but did not overly impress me.

23. I haven't been dancing for a long time; I had a good time.

24. The first group who set King Lear in a modern office had some nice touches, including the coffee and the letter-opener; the other group were better organized, and Maggie made an interesting Lear.

25. I talked with Josh's friend Eric about music we liked.

26. May 4, 1992

27. I took my bike out finally, and did the usual spring repairs.



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