A very good song from Richard Harris' 1968 album of Jimmy Webb songs called A Tramp Shining.

If you were born in 1969, there is a fairly good chance that you were conceived in the back seat of a Dodge Dart while this song played on the radio.

A moderately sized city park near downtown Los Angeles. MacArthur Park is split into the north and south parks and is bisected by Wilshire Blvd. The south portion of MacArthur Park features a man-made lake with a geyser-type fountain and paddleboats available for rental. There is also a picnic area and a small playground for children. A Metro redline subway station is located conveniently across Alvarado st. from South Mac Arthur park.

North MacArthur Park features a statue of Douglas MacArthur and a small outdoor theater. A branch of the Los Angeles public library is located on the Northwest corner. North MacArthur park also has picnic areas and on the whole more trees than the south. It does not have a man-made lake.

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