Marquette is a Jesuit University located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. What follows is a review I wrote about it based on a campus visit. It is by no means gospel truth or any such nonsense.

Marquette University

Summary: Marquette overcomes the incredible obstacle of not having an acronym in its name to be a very nice school. Go to Marquette, you'll get a good education as well as firm moral/ethical foundations. It's a good all around school, for a surprisingly broad range of majors.

Like MSOE, Dan Berken and I visited Marquette during Private College Week. We received a well put together tour as well as a rather well done PowerPoint presentation (for PowerPoint...). The campus was clean, bright and well, very nice over all. It seemed quite pleasant.

As far as I know, Marquette isn't INCREDIBLY prestigious in any fields. (With the possible exception of physical therapy, which I'm not really interested in.) It is definitely solid, however, in most fields. Engineering comes to mind, as well as the Marquette College of Business. But who really cares about that?

The dorms. They weren't that bad. I don't know any other way to put that. They're probably very nice by dorm standards. We only saw one building, a tall circular thing (mildly cool looking architecturally). It contained dorm rooms for one, two, three, or four people. Rooming up with a bunch of people seems to be the way to go as far as getting the most space for your money goes. They weren't huge, but they were clean and decent looking, and odor free. The dorm room also had nice lounges on several floors with a larger gathering place in the basement. No air conditioning, but there is a heater in every room, which is an interesting way of dooing things.

The thing about Marquette, of course, is that it's Jesuit. What's a Jesuit? Good question. But it's a religious thing, so it's going to be more of a SMC than a Menasha High. If that's your thing, and you want a little more structured college experience, that's great, but it's something to consider. Of course they aren't going to watch over you 24/7 either, so take this whole 'Jesuit' thing with a grain of salt...

I guess in summary, Marquette is a very nice school that anyone would be content attending. Not neccessarily joyous, but at least content. Many people would be joyous, and a fair number are. Marquette is a good school.

Of course Marquette has various financial aid deals, including a couple free rides that they hand out. (Those are fairly competitive...) I believe Marquette will do their best to cover for anyone that finds themselves having a hard time coming up with tuition, but I really don't remember all the details. Go ask them.

My Rating: * * * * (Four of Five Stars)

Contact info:

P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881
(That's Wisconsin, United States of America)
Phone: (414)288-7250

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