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Node for the Ages.
Earn your bullshit.
Don't use it.
Factual noding is the path to nirvana.

My noding philosophy: If I was curious about a subject, what information would I hope to find? I would be looking for something (in order of importance):

  1. correct (both factual and well written)
  2. relevant/helpful
  3. thorough
  4. entertaining
Please note that number four is a distant last.

My voting philosophy: Following the guidelines I set for myself, I vote up good factual nodes, and downvote mindless blather when it is in the wrong place. (Meaning that I'll leave your day/dream/whatever log alone.) I will not downvote for poor spelling/grammar, but I will /msg authors... often.

Please do not hesitate to /msg me with even the most trivial of corrections to any of my writeups.