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Beaver College is a coeducational, comprehensive college in suburban Philadelphia offering undergraduate and graduate study to more than 2,700 students annually. The national historic landmark Grey Towers Castle, complete with gargoyles, is the heart of the 55-acre campus.

According to the Philadelpia Inquirer, the formerly all-womans college is considering a name change because of "Crude Jokes" and "alumni who have chosen not to display their diplomas."

Cybersitter considers the school's homepage to be inappropriate material.

Effective July 16th, 2001, Beaver College will become Arcadia University. The school also happens to be an NCAA Division III school and is a member of the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference. The school colors are scarlet and gray and the school mascot is the knight, these will not change with the changing of the name.

In the FAQ about the name change when they answer the why? question they skirt the issue and never mention the fact they they feel the slang uses of the word Beaver taints their academic ideals. They only say that the school has changed soooo much from when it was founded a name change only seems appropriate. Please! Everybody knows why they're changing the name, it's silly to not admit it.

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