A particularly obnoxious piece of censorware produced by Solid Oak Software, and the favorite target of Bennett Haselton and his Peacefire site. It's a special target due to the particular obnoxiousness and dishonesty of its producers, who claim their software only filters pornography and hate speech, but in fact it suppresses many sites about feminism, alternative religions, and left wing politics, as well as sites that criticize CYBERsitter itself. In fact, at one point, the software refused even to install itself if it detected its arch-enemy's Peacefire site anywhere in the user's browser cache. Its manufacturers react in a nasty and rude manner to any criticism, no matter how politely stated, and are known to threaten both civil and criminal prosecution of anybody who publishes critical reviews of the product or who makes any attempt to determine what sites are in CYBERsitter's secret ban list. (All disclosure or reverse-engineering of this list, whether by breaking the rather trivial encryption of the file itself or by simply running the program, trying URLs, and taking notes on which are blocked, is expressly banned by the program's license agreement.) When interviewed by reporters, they say potentially libelous things about critics such as Haselton, but threaten libel suits themselves if anybody says similarly nasty stuff about them. Basically a bunch of fundamentalist nutcases. Unfortunately, some schools, libraries, and Internet kiosks may be using that software, thus inflicting these perverted values on unsuspecting users.

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