"It's not a crime to be smarter than your parents" is the motto of Peacefire, a student organization devoted to bypassing or disabling the many types of Internet filtering, blocking or parental control software available. The software produced by PeaceFire can disable all popular Windows censorware: SurfWatch, Cyber Patrol, Net Nanny, et cetera - allowing kids around the world to surf the web unrestrained by their parents. A worthy cause, if you ask me.

The website of the Peacefire organization is www.peacefire.org - apart from the software to disable censorware, it also offers a suite of essays and information about the programs themselves, and the sometimes dirty tactics used by the companies behind them - ie "pay us cash or we block your website". Unsurprisingly, the PeaceFire website is being blocked by nearly every piece of censorware out there.

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